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Art Show

The Aaron School Art Show Was A Hit!

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The Art Show this year was a culmination of our year-long theme Anything Can Happen in Art, which was originally inspired by the book Not a Box and by “TASK” an improvisational art activity inspired by contemporary artist Oliver Herring.

Art Show

Because a box is just a box, unless it’s not a box!
And a classroom is just a classroom, unless it’s a place where anything can happen!


Artwork from students K-7 was on display in the main hallway, in the assembly room, and all over the art room itself!


COLORS, SHAPES and LINES brought to you by the Pine and Spruce Room students! With the help of a crafty little elf named Roy G. Biv…


SAVING THE PLANET one artwork at a time, the Olive Room students learned how to REDUCE the amount of plastic we throw away, REUSE what we cleaned up from a “beach” in the art room, and RECYCLE it into amazing art!

Art Show

The Maple Room students are OUT OF THIS WORLD! They traveled across the universe in a rocketship of their own design and discovered new planets along the way!

The Redwood Room students taught us what it takes to be a REAL LIFE SUPERHERO, by putting your skills and specialities to work to make this world a better place!

Art work

HERE DO ARTISTS GET THEIR IDEAS FROM?? The Willow Room students used their (super)powers of observation during a field trip to Grand Central station to inspire some seriously creative works of art!

Inspired by contemporary artist Nick Cave, the Cedar Room students created “SOUNDSUITS” to help them conquer their fears!


Artists often express FEELINGS and EMOTIONS in their artwork, and Aaron School artists are no different! Students from the Elm Room and the Middle School Red Group used collage to represent one feeling/emotion in a final artwork for the show.


The Birch Room students transformed the entire front desk area at Aaron School in an effort to use art to CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE in our school community.

The Middle School Yellow and Blue Groups really PUT THEMSELVES INTO THEIR ARTWORK by creating paintings inspired by famous artists!


Congratulations Aaron School artists, parents, and families! We’re so proud of all of you!