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Aaron School Pi Day Celebration

  |   30th street, Aaron School, High School, Special Programs

Maryam Azhar, Head Math Teacher 8-12


Pi-Day is celebrated nationally on March 14th to celebrate the mathematical constant pi. It is celebrated on March 14th because of the first three digits of pi (3.14). Every year at Aaron High School, Pi Day is celebrated with lots of energy and fun activities. On Pi Day this year, we celebrated in all math classes by measuring the circumference and area of circular objects. Some classes were also taught how to derive pi by measuring circumference by the diameter using thread and a circular object. All sixth period classes worked on making a pi skyline by using digits in pi. Students used graph paper, different coloring materials, and rulers to work on their pi- skylines. The students really enjoyed celebrating the mathematical constant pi on 3/14!


In addition, students participated in a Pi Memorization Contest where students competed with one another in memorizing the greatest number of digits of the pi- irrational number. All students signed in to Google Meet to take part in and watch the live telecast. The live telecast was presented in all classrooms on Smartboards and all members of the Aaron High School got to watch the competition. The live event was chaperoned by math teachers whom led the pi memorization contest participating students in one classroom. All students that participated in the contest did an excellent job!


The first-place winner memorized 327 digits of the constant pi and the second-place winner memorized 229 digits of pi! WOW! The winners were rewarded with some pi themed gifts such as a pi T- shirt and pi- thermos. Also, the winners were rewarded with a STEM homework pass, which students can use in their science and math classes.


Pi- day is an awesome time of the year to enjoy a fun mathematical holiday on March 14th as a property within the math department!