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Together We Can

in 2016, we’ll all be COOPERATING!

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In the month of January, we will learn about cooperation and discuss the benefits and challenges of working with others, as part of a team.  Cooperation is a critical skill for success that requires communication, compassion, and respect.  It is a key part of being able to relate to and build productive, meaningful relationships with others.  It is through teambuilding and consistent collaborative experiences, that children learn to respect others, control their impulses and tolerate more delayed gratification of their needs.  Through these experiences, they are learning to incorporate more “WE” than “ME” into their thinking and doing.


Some important goals we have established for our kids to learn in January are:


T.E.A.M. is said to stand for “Together Everyone Achieves More”.Successful, collaborative teamwork can shorten the time, divide the effort, and increase the strength and morale of a group working towards a common goal.  Alone we are strong, together we can be even stronger.


Working towards a common goal can teach people the value of hard work, responsibility, commitment and dedication.Great teams accentuate strengths, compensate for weaknesses, and bring out the best in every member. Achieving goals, even the really big ones, just seems easier when you are working with a supportive team.


Additional advantages (disguised as challenges) of working as a part of a team include:  being exposed to a variety of ideas and different working styles and learning to deal with conflict or lack of fairness.


An important goal for parents and educators to work towards is:  helping our kids strike a healthy balance between being part of a group and maintaining a clear sense of identity.




  1. The process of working with others in harmony.
  2. Working together to do what’s best for the whole group.
  3. Thinking of “WE” before “ME”.


Related words: teamwork, sharing, friendliness, team player, collaboration, flexibility, participation, contribute, fair-mindedness, harmony, helpfulness, responsiveness, togetherness, give-and-take, partnership, supportiveness, unity, altruism.


What cooperation looks like, sounds like and feels like?


  • Working together as a united team!
  • Creating a common goal with others.
  • Trying your best.
  • Saying WE, not ME!
  • Sharing ideas.
  • Respecting others’ ideas as much as your own.
  • Showing patience for your fellow collaborators.
  • Cheering for your teammates!
  • Doing your share and helping others.
  • Leaning on others for support.
  • Accomplishing more with others than you can on your own.