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Nonfiction Presentations

  |   Aaron School, Lower School, Special Programs

Tara Zaro, Pine Room Head Teacher, 45th Street


Hello fellow blog readers! The Pine Room is back to share all about our Nonfiction Presentations. Throughout the month of March, the Pine room learned all about fiction and nonfiction genres. We then took it one step further and focused only on nonfiction. Since we were learning all about animals in science class, we thought it would be fun to connect the two subjects (language arts and science) together as a final activity.


Each student got to choose one specific animal they wanted to focus on and learn more about! The goal was to research all about the animal of our choice and then inform our classmates what we learned. Ms. Placther, the librarian, was nice enough to help get the ball rolling. During technology, we got to research our animals and complete a questionnaire. From there, we took all of the information we researched and organized it into a paragraph. This took about a few days to complete, but as a class we worked diligently.


To integrate the work that we completed in school at home, students created projects with their families. Some ideas for projects were dioramas, pamphlets, and drawings. Students were also encouraged to search the internet to learn more facts that they could share with their peers during their in-class presentations!


Finally, on March 22nd, we got to present our projects! We were so lucky that Ms. Kleinman (Head Kindergarten Teacher) and Ms. Russo (K-5 Educational Supervisor) were able to cheer us on and watch as we presented our Nonfiction projects to the Pine room! Oh, and how could we forget, all Pine room families joined us by watching our presentations on Google Meets! It was so much fun! Students worked very hard and teachers are so proud of the Pine room!