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Aaron is a private K-12 special education school whose mission is to serve students with learning disabilities
in the areas of reading, writing, and math in addition to attention, sensory and social challenges.


In a safe and supportive school climate, our goal is to maximize their potential in order for them
to become confident, successful citizens of their community.

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About Us

Aaron School provides integrated academic, enrichment, and therapeutic services to children in grades K‐12, with the goal of enabling each student to become a confident and successful learner. Offering an academically rigorous curriculum aligned with the New York State Learning Standards, Aaron employs an individualized approach to ensure student success while preparing them for successful post-secondary educational experiences and professional careers.

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"My son is now a HS senior and just committed to SUNY Binghamton. I wanted to thank you for everything that you did, your school, the therapists and all the amazing teachers. He wouldn’t be where he is now without all of that. He is graduating with no services other than resource room, minimal accommodations, a 3.6 GPA, has a nice group of friends and no longer is in co-taught classes (his first year as a senior like that). He had 11 college acceptances, he has a driver’s license and a summer job as a counselor at his mainstream sleepaway camp. His early learning years at the Aaron School shaped who he is today. Thank you so much."


"We are so thankful for the 4 years our son has had at Aaron; I truly feel his whole team has been like an extended family. Like I've said before, Aaron School rescued me from the despair of what we went through in trying to find a fit for a special needs child, when we thought no one wanted to give him a chance. Aaron has taught him so much and today he is a remarkably different boy."


"I wanted to let you know that we are both very impressed and happy with the teaching team in the Cedar room. The teachers are very professional and project a lot of confidence and enthusiasm. I also wanted to tell you that our experience of the parent teacher conference this year was superior. It was helpful to have the whole team present. We came away feeling that we learned some important things about L. and how she is doing."

SL - Parent

"We have been most impressed with the Aaron School and were generally elated when we learned that B has been accepted for the 2004-2005 school year. Your perception of B's true potential, and your willingness to deal with his issues with confidence and enthusiasm, gave us hope and a great sense of relief during a time we were facing uncertainty and consternation. As you know, we have been concerned right along that what little remained of B's self-esteem would collapse as he learned about the need to leave a school that he cherished for uncharted territory, a major transition for a young boy who has had difficulty adjusting to even minor ones. Suffice to say that by welcoming B with open arms you lifted our spirits and made us feel that we were not alone as we struggled to resolve this daunting issue. As a result, we feel deeply indebted to the school. Thank you again for your vote of confidence. It was extremely important to us."

R & M - Parents

"We wanted to extend to you our most sincere thanks. Over the past 5 years, you and your team of angels have embraced J. You provided him with a solid foundation which allowed him to grow in ways that none of us could have imagined when he first walked through your doors. The staff at Aaron always believed in J and enabled him to feel secure, confident and understood."

J & M - Parents

"Thank you to all of the staff for what you do each day for Z. As someone who has struggled to find the right place for my son for the past three years, you have given me a sense of relief, hope, and much joy. His self-esteem has returned as his confidence in himself. Now, if I could just get him to stop testing me.... With many, many thanks."

GL - Parent

"Aaron School is the best place to go to school. Kids only get numbers when they do something wrong: they don't get sent home. That's because the teachers here are nice. Aaron School is easy to get to because you can get there by walking, train, or bus, if you live in New York City. It is on the East Side near 42nd Street. If you come to Aaron School, you can learn science, my favorite subject. If you don't like science, there is Social Studies, Reading, Math, Art and Handwriting too. Does all this information convince you that Aaron School is the best school in the world? I think so !!"

AF - Student

"Thanks to the expertise and hard-working dedication of the Aaron teachers and support team staff, my son not only received the academic and social foundations he needed to succeed in a middle school environment but still maintains friendships with several of his classmates. I was so inspired by his experience, I went back to school at night, received a Masters in Special Education and am now a Learning Specialist tutoring students with learning disabilities in the afternoons."

Stuart - Parent