Elementary School Curriculum


Our academic curriculum was developed based on Common Core standards for each grade level. The curriculum scope and sequence is content-focused and adapted to meet the needs of each student at every grade level.


Aaron is dedicated to providing a nurturing, skill based developmentally appropriate education based on students’ individual needs. The classroom team works together to develop and adapt instructional plans on a regular basis to meet the diverse learning styles of our students.


The curriculum is designed to help each student become a confident, successful leader and to help him or her integrate into Aaron’s social community and the community at large. By integrating academic, enrichment and therapeutic services, the lower school at Aaron School blends an academic curriculum into an individualized skill building program that enhances each student’s strengths.


The curriculum focuses on student progress, independence, and building knowledge in each content area.



Reading and Math


Students have reading in the morning and math in the afternoon. Students are assessed and placed in small groups based on their similar skill ability in each of these domains to maximize potential regardless of grade level.


By integrating grades, specifically Grades K-2 and Grades 3-5 respectively, to create these appropriate reading and math class groupings, greater opportunity to broaden social relationships within the community is provided in addition to meeting individual academic needs. The faculty facilitates transitioning to reading and math classrooms for these groupings and fosters student responsibility for their materials to develop greater independence and student readiness skills. Additionally, the transition process exposes students to more varied social dynamics and movement experience throughout the school day.


Well-versed Reading Specialists are trained in Wilson, a specific, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading. Small group reading instruction ensures appropriate remediation and intervention. Students engage in this multi-sensory approach to strengthen their decoding while fluency and comprehension skills are addressed through a balanced literacy approach.


Math group work consists of enVision Math and Stern curricula and multi-sensory instruction, activities, and projects are designed to develop student computation skills and conceptual problem solving abilities.



Content Areas


The classroom is the academic and social center for all of our students. Classroom meetings begin each day and allow everyone to review the schedule, ease transitions, and share class news and current events.


Literature activities encourage students to explore and enjoy books and stories while building expressive and receptive language skills. Creative writing encourages students to use the written word to explore their imaginations. Social studies and science are an integral part of our students’ learning experience, and provide opportunities to explore the physical and social world around us.

Choice time gives students a chance to make independent decisions and interact socially within a developmentally appropriate structure. Teachers facilitate the less structured times by engaging students, encouraging participation, and assisting with problem-solving when necessary. Activities are structured and teacher directed.


We believe that students find structure comforting and benefit from knowing what to expect at school as well as what is expected of them. Structure and support make transitions easier and help students become responsible, active participants in their own learning. Students have fun, develop self-confidence and love school.





Enrichment is an important balance to our academic program. The Specialty Department consists of technology, art, music, library and adaptive physical education. The specialty focus is to enhance the curriculum by presenting subject matter in various formats to broaden exposure to culture and community.


The specialty team is an integral component to the program, as they collaborate with teachers and therapists on an ongoing basis. They integrate content area curriculum into their respective specialty classes, to provide reinforcement of areas of study. This intertwined approach assists students to make greater connections to and understanding of what they learn through multimedia projects.


Students’ individual strengths and innate talents are encouraged and supported. Every opportunity is taken to showcase student work through our hallways and to share talents at our annual art show and winter/spring concerts. Specialists contribute to classroom newsletters to keep parents informed of class progress.


Additionally, three times a year the specialty department publishes a newsletter which provides parents opportunities to partake in cultural experiences citywide.





All classrooms are equipped with a Phonic Ear FM System which enhances the teacher’s voice thereby reducing the effects of background noise so that students can better attend to and process teacher information.


Smart Board technology is used in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.