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Student Life

Aaron School is committed to helping students have a rich school experience as it relates to both academic and social growth. It is important that all students identify as integral members of the school community and feel comfortable to explore their unique interests in a safe and supportive environment. Under the leadership of the Student Life and Community Outreach Coordinator, Aaron School students (in grades 8 – 12) are encouraged to participate in a variety of enrichment programs. While doing so, students demonstrate their school spirit throughout the year by participating in community events including:


  • Aaron School Spirit Events
  • Movie Night
  • Spring Dance
  • Board Game Night
  • Charity Fundraisers
  • Candy Gram Campaign
  • Anti-Bullying Campaign
  • Spirit Weeks
  • Campus-wide Round Robin Tournaments
  • Pep Rallies
  • Field Day
  • Variety Show
  • Winter Festival
  • Thanksgiving Community Gathering
  • Class Field Trips
  • Extended Day/Overnight Trips



Clubs are elective style offerings that occur two times per month during regular school hours which allows all members of the student body to participate and enhance their school experience by engaging in enrichment activities. Club offerings are designed with student interest in mind and vary each semester, including options such as: Yearbook, Basketball, Textile Design, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Film Critique, Strategy Games, and Improvisation. Through Club programing, students have the opportunity to discover and explore new interests while connecting with peers outside of their grade-level cohorts. Clubs are primarily facilitated by Aaron School faculty, allowing for application of pro-social skills and positive relationship-building in a supportive environment.


Student Council

Aaron School’s Student Council sponsors a variety of events throughout the school year which are designed to promote school spirit and community involvement. Each year the student body participates in the civic process of choosing officers and class representatives through a general election. Candidates seek endorsement from faculty and organize a campaign, which culminates with a speech to the Aaron School student body. Once elected, council members meet monthly with faculty advisors to discuss ideas for new initiatives and to plan events. Participation in Student Council gives students the opportunity to take on a leadership role within the school while advancing their ability to work collaboratively with others as they exchange ideas and facilitate community events. Through Student Council, many students connect with like-minded peers interested in enhancing their own school experience and promoting a supportive school climate.


Lunch Program

The lunch program is an exciting opportunity for students to be out in the community and have meaningful social experiences with their peers. With parent and school permission, students can leave campus for lunch on their own or with friends. Students who need support in navigating this opportunity can participate in a weekly, grade-level lunch outing under the supervision of the Related Service Providers. These professionals accompany students to a local eatery and assist them in making a lunch selection, interacting with restaurant staff, managing their lunch money, and socializing with their peers.


After School Program

Aaron School students in grades 8-12 may elect to participate in enrichment and recreational activities that take place on campus beyond the regular school day. Enrollment in an after-school activity is independent of the school day, however, these programs are typically facilitated by Aaron School faculty. Students can explore specialized interests such as clay, mosaic, and mix-media art making, as well as soccer, rock climbing, baking, and acting.


*Student Life offerings, events, Clubs, and after school programs vary each semester/year.