Program Hallmarks



Advance is a course which provides students with instruction in identifying learning styles, developing organizational tactics, note-taking skills, goal setting strategies, reading comprehension practices, scheduling, prioritizing and self-advocacy methods. in this course, students learn strategies to advance their executive functioning skills which can be applied to high school classes, higher education and the workplace.


Technology Integration


To prepare students for success, it is important that they possess an ease and fluency with technology. Students are provided use of laptop computers, iPads, iPods, e-readers, video and still cameras, SmartBoards, and other hardware by the school, and have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their knowledge using a variety of software and media tools as an integrated part of daily curricular study. Technology is a powerful tool for learning, as well as for demonstrating knowledge in an individualized manner that highlights student strengths.


Integrated Service


The Integrated Services model allows for an interdisciplinary approach to education. Our team of related service providers: Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapist, School Psychologists, and/or Social Workers, collaborate with the instructional team to develop goals and objectives related to the curriculum and provide related services within the classroom. Using assessment and discussion from weekly team meetings, the related service professionals integrate the necessary skills that allow for more immediate application and interactive rehearsal of those skills.


Transition Guidance Program


The Guidance Department’s focal point of the transition program is to recognize each student’s unique strengths, and use them to determine their transition path from high school to adult life. Our program ensures the success of all students through the following:


  • Guidance Counselor access
  • Transition Course Sequence
  • Parent Workshops
  • March to College/Career Month
  • Admissions Representative Visits
  • Guidance Counselor Recommendation
  • Internship Experiences
  • ACT Test Site/Assistance with Extra Time Applications
  • Career Explorations
  • Individualized College Application Support
  • COTAGS Annual College Fair


Transition into High School


Our 8th grade is housed at the 30th Street Campus to provide our students the opportunity to adjust to the routines and demands at the high school level. This is a critical juncture for our students and it allows them to have a transition year to acclimate to the program prior to receiving graded transcripts.


Transition to Post Secondary


Students begin preparing for transition to successful and independent adulthood from the moment they arrive at the High School. The Guidance Counselor teaches weekly classes, takes students on college tours, assists in arranging internships, prepares students to matriculate to college or trade school, and supports parents in making positive post-secondary choices for their children. Additionally, students learn and practice social thinking strategies and behaviors and are expected to contribute as a citizen of their school and wider community in a positive manner.