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Program Hallmarks

Taking a Team Approach

Aaron School utilizes a collaborative educational model to support each student with academic, social, and emotional growth. The school-based team consists of head teachers, assistant teachers, school psychologists and social workers, speech-language pathologists, an occupational therapist and specialists who meet regularly to discuss each student’s progress and group dynamics. Fluid communication is a key element of Aaron School’s philosophy and is critical to each student’s acquisition, application, and generalization of skills.



Students in grades eight through twelve participate in Advance, a course designed to enhance executive functioning skills by learning to formulate and execute a plan, prioritize tasks, set and achieve goals, focus attention, self-advocate, follow instructions and multi-task. These skills are crucial for learning, development and decision-making, and impact success in school and throughout adulthood. Skills learned in Advance are reinforced throughout the school day to facilitate generalization of strategies that can be applied to the high school setting, post-secondary educational opportunities and the workplace. See Curriculum for more information.


Related Services

Aaron School supports students in becoming confident and productive citizens of their community. In addition to academic instruction, Counseling, Speech-Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Transition and Guidance services are available to students. Students engage in a series of social development courses during which they learn about effective communication, social problem solving and responsible decision-making. Through an integrated model of delivery, related services are provided within the context of the classroom optimizing opportunity for practice, application, and generalization of skills, and thereby promoting growth with both academic and social development. Individual and small group counseling is also available. See Related Services for more information.


Technology Integration

Technology is a powerful tool for learning, as well as for demonstrating knowledge in a manner that highlights individual strengths. It is important that students possess an ease and fluency with technology in order to be independent and successful in a digital society. Classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology to promote interactive learning and student engagement. Aaron School students use laptop computers and Google Suite services to organize information that can be accessed within the school setting and remotely. Daily assignments, reference materials, and curriculum resources are available to students and their families via the Google platform.


Transitioning to High School

Students attend their final year of middle school at Aaron School’s 30th Street location, which serves grades eight through twelve. By completing their 8th grade year at the high school campus, students have the opportunity to adjust to the responsibilities and routines associated with upper middle school and high school. 8th grade serves as a transition year during which students acclimate to a departmentalized schedule, work with a variety of educators and related service providers, and navigate the increasing social demands of adolescence prior to taking credit-bearing courses upon entering high school. In preparation for the transition to 30th Street, Aaron School’s 7th grade students participate in several activities at the high school campus, including a visiting day, the Spring Dance, and an Anti-Bullying assembly.


Guidance and Transition

Aaron School recognizes each student’s unique strengths, interests, and passions, and uses these as the foundation for transition planning. Guidance and Transition programming is designed to support both the student and their family as the individual prepares for life after high school. Throughout their high school career, students participate in a series of courses designed to further develop the social skills needed to be successful in post-secondary educational settings and the workplace. The Guidance and Transition Coordinator works closely with each student and family to identify post-secondary programs that align with the student’s strengths, interests, academic and social abilities. See Guidance and Transition for more information.