Our Mission

Aaron is a private K-12 special education school in NYC whose mission is to serve students with reading, writing, math, attention, sensory and social challenges. In a safe and supportive school climate, our goal is to maximize their potential in order for them to become confident, successful citizens of their community.


Aaron community values a safe and supportive school climate that fosters healthy social relationships. The faculty and staff work together to ensure that students at Aaron School receive proper guidance in this area. The Aaron community strongly believes that student learning should be ambitious and goal oriented, while fostering the development of individual strengths and effective communication skills.


The faculty is dedicated to presenting curriculum that is relevant, challenging, and coherent and also combines rich and varied content with individual skill development. The Aaron community believes in a learning environment that fosters self‐advocacy and mutual respect for the community. The Aaron School community recognizes that a partnership with parents is instrumental in the success of our students.





Aaron School is committed to working closely with parents. Teachers and therapists share perspectives and discuss each student’s growth with parents during informal conversations and regularly scheduled conferences.


Communication between the School and parents is critical to the partnership we hope to develop with each family. We have many ways that we share what is happening in and around the 45th Street and 30th Street Campuses. Aaron School utilizes social media campaigns and digital and printed newsletters to let our community know about all of the wonderful things that happen at our school.


Aaron School relies on e-mail for staff/parent communication. In addition, there are three formal parent/teacher conferences scheduled each year, which include team participation in the fall and the spring. We encourage both parents and teachers to meet more often if needed.



Parents As Partners


Parents are important partners in the Aaron School learning experience. Our PA Board/Parent Partnership serves as a liaison between parents and administration to address all parent concerns and upcoming topics. Our parent body sponsors the following type of activities for our community:


Book Fair


Every year, our parents coordinate our school book fair at the 45th Street campus and a book fair shopping trip to Barnes and Nobles with the 30th Street campus. The experience of creating wish lists, shopping for books both at the fair and at a store, provides students with an enriching experience. Proceeds from both book fairs are given back to the school for additional books for our libraries.




Every spring, we close 45th Street and our parents organize and sponsor a school carnival. Students, families, prospective students and neighbors enjoy a day of rides, activities and food. The carnival is a wonderful community building experience.




From ice skating and story pirates at 45th Street to Bowling Club, Pinkberry splurges and a DJ at 30th Street dances for the older students, parents try to enrich the school experience with fun events.




Our parents socialize at a variety of events including the annual cocktail party, breakfast for new families to name a few.

Additionally, the Parents Association hosts a variety of workshops, speakers and informational sessions to address relevant topics to help the parents in our community better understand their children and their needs.