High School

The High School curriculum builds upon prior skill and content learning in the elementary and middle grades. Student learning is focused on mastering concepts with the goal of independence, post secondary options, and adult success. The academic curriculum ranges from real world applications to rigorous and reflects the grade level content learning of the students’ mainstream peers. Instruction is individualized per student, and each child’s progress is consistently assessed, both formally and informally.


Expectations for academic achievement are high, and instructional approaches are differentiated for each student based on learning style, strengths, and areas of needed support. By High School, students are expected to exercise good self advocacy skills and to be able to articulate their areas of strength, as well as the accommodations needed to overcome areas of weakness. The High School curriculum at Aaron is firmly rooted in the Common Core Standards and the College Readiness Standards.


To graduate from Aaron, a student must complete a minimum of 21 academic credits in English, Science, Mathematics, History, Computer Science, and Foreign Language. In addition, they must fulfill program requirements in Health, Physical Education, the Arts and Community Services.


A hallmark of our program is the early recognition, and consistent re-evaluation of student strengths and interests as a way of engaging students in high level curricular study. Students are challenged to pursue learning in creative ways, and to actively collaborate, communicate and cooperate with classmates and teachers. A rigorous critical thinking curriculum is infused across all subjects.


We believe that:


  • Students need support to navigate the dynamic social world of adolescence.
  • Parents are important partners in their children’s education.
  • Staff collaboration positively impacts student learning.
  • Technology is an integral component in our learning environment.
  • Engagement in learning is key to success.
  • Students should have opportunities to engage in the arts.