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High School

Aaron High School’s academic and enrichment curriculum is aligned with the New York State learning standards, and reflects grade level content of students’ mainstream peers. The scope and sequence of course work is adapted and modified to meet the needs of each student. Academic curriculum is coupled with comprehensive social development and transition courses that are designed to meet students’ evolving needs as they navigate the adolescent years. Curriculum is delivered using a language-based, multi-sensory approach to learning that promotes acquisition and retention of concepts, as well as application and generalization of skills.


During 8th grade and the high school years, students continue to pursue individual goals while also focusing on their role as members of a group. As such, programming is designed to foster leadership, collaborative relationships, attunement to one’s own learning style, independence, self-advocacy, effective communication, and responsible decision-making, all skills that are critical to success in high school and beyond.


Critical thinking, problem-solving, organization, and time management are integral components of instruction across all curriculum areas. Hands-on projects, team building tasks, and long-term assignments are designed with the purpose of making studies relevant to an evolving world culture.


We believe that:


  • Student learning should be ambitious and goal-oriented, while fostering individual strengthens and effective communication skills
  • Students benefit from direct instruction in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, and executive functioning to foster greater independence and become life-long learners
  • Students must learn specific skills and strategies necessary to be effective self‐advocates
  • Students require support and guidance as they develop more mature social relationships and prepare for life after high school