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Clinical Services

All students in 6th and 7th grades receive the following three push-in whole group clinical support instruction per week.


Study Skills Group


Tools for Executive Functioning: Students receive a weekly 30-minute group-based executive functioning support service. The group is taught by an Occupational Therapist in coordination with the classroom teachers to collaborate on curriculum planning and instruction.


Study Skills Group helps students to critically analyze tasks and generalize skills to multiple contexts. The curriculum focuses on helping students to begin to identify their unique intelligence and develop greater confidence in their learning abilities.


The goals of the Study Skills Group are to develop a repertoire of executive functioning skills necessary to complete work independently and efficiently in a traditional Middle and High School classroom setting. These skills include time management, organization, study strategies, note taking, outlining, textbook use, research techniques and public speaking.


Writing Lab Group


Students receive a weekly group-based language support service for 45 minutes during Writing Lab. Writing Lab is taught by the Speech and Language Therapist and classroom teachers to collaborate on curriculum planning and instruction.


Writing Lab provides an opportunity for students to refine language expansion and organization as well as writing mechanics such as punctuation, grammar and spelling. In addition, this lab allows students to work on short-term and long-term writing projects to provide cross content area continuity, support and skill development.


Peer Group


Students receive a weekly push-in counseling service called Peer Group. Peer Group meets for 45-minutes and is facilitated by a member of our counseling team. It is a process-oriented therapeutic peer support group that allows students the opportunity to discuss age-related topics of concern.


Further, Peer Group provides students with an additional time to make sense of the issues, themes and associated feelings that may arise from the material explored in their Health and Human Development class. Students are introduced to a variety of relevant topics in a safe, progressive, age appropriate and empathetic manner.


The group focuses on the development of healthy behavior and decision-making as well as social and emotional readiness. These skills are critical in helping Middle School age students develop a strong and positive self-concept as well as reinforce academic achievement in their future.