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Character Counts!

Character Counts!

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Lower School, Special Programs

As a new school year begins, the counseling department is eager to announce our new character education theme for the 2017-2018 school year… “Character Counts!” Just like last year, the counseling department will be introducing one new character trait each SEASON in weekly Social Skills/Peer Group classes, totaling four main traits over the course of the year. See below for this year’s character trait line up:


Fall (September-November) Consideration

Winter (December-January) Cooperation

Spring (February-April) Compassion

Summer (May-June) Self-Control


Social Skills and Peer Group classes have already begun learning about our first character quality: CONSIDERATION! Students are learning to show consideration by following the GOLDEN RULE, showing good manners towards others and upholding their responsibilities as a student and friend! Next week we will be celebrating UNITY DAY, on October 24, by coming together as a school community to be CONSIDERATE towards others’ differences and prevent bullying. In November, students will be furthering their understanding of CONSIDERATION by learning all about GRATITUDE!


Throughout this curriculum, counselors will also be teaching students the importance of sub-qualities such as respect, tolerance, compromise, empathy, mindfulness, growth, mindset, and more! In conjunction with each character quality, students will be learning about social communication, social thinking, friendships, emotions, coping skills, problem-solving, etc. Counselors will also be collaborating with the Speech and OT departments to incorporate and reinforce the Zones of Regulation program into Social Skills/Peer Group lessons, as well!


An exciting new addition to our curriculum is that students will have the opportunity to be recognized for demonstrating outstanding character! Examples include: asking a new student to sit with you at lunch, giving a friendly compliment, being flexible at choice time, etc. We have already pre-attached Caught with Character slips onto our bulletin board in the front hallway for any Aaron School staff member to fill in and highlight a student’s great character! Our hope is that this will be an added incentive to encourage our students to continue to make Aaron School a caring and safe place for everyone to learn and grow!