Student Life

Student socialization and civic responsibility are critical components to our curriculum. The high school provides many opportunities for students to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities. These activities are designed to support student interests as well as the exploration of new experiences.



After School Programs


High School students at Aaron have a variety of optional after school classes, clubs, and teams in which to participate.

Offerings vary upon student input and interests. Examples of past offerings include:
Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Rock Band, Artist Mash-Up, Floor Hockey, Ping Pong and Fencing.





Clubs are elective style course offerings that occur every other Friday during second and third period. Each Club lasts for one semester and students have the opportunity to choose new Club selections twice yearly. Club courses are offered with student interests in mind. New offerings in addition to old favorites are presented each semester.

Examples of past Club offerings include: Basketball, Culinary, Podcasts, Strategy Games, Hip Hop Dance, Active Video Gaming, Global Mythologies and Maskmaking, Chess, and Yearbook.



Student Council


Each Year Aaron School students participate in the civic process of choosing Student Council Officers and Class Representatives through a general election. Students who run for office may organize campaign committees, campaign for the election and give a campaign speech. This process provides an opportunity for students to take initiative, self-advocate and work collaboratively to enhance the school environment with the support of faculty advisors.



Community Service


All Aaron School students are given an opportunity to participate in at least one community service activity each year. Community service supports social skill development, goal oriented collaborative work, and effective communication skills. Past organizations our students have provided service to are New York Cares, Tunnels To Towers: Stephen Sillers Foundation, Unicef, US Military Care Package and The Valerie Fund.





The Aaron School LIVEbrary is a unique feature to the 30th Street campus. The concept of the LIVEbrary is to live amongst the books which have been installed in the halls of Aaron School in an effort to increase accessibility of research materials, encourage reading and promote literacy.  LIVEbrary books and materials are located in close proximity to classes with related curriculum.


The Aaron School LIVEbrary at 30th Street is also home to a Living Library. A Living Library consists of people that are available for “check out” much like a regular book but instead of reading the book, the borrower has a conversation. Aaron School will be continually developing a binder of diverse people in our community that will be available for discussions or interviews on a variety of topics, careers and interests.