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Admissions News

Admissions News

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“I am thrilled to report that we are starting the year off strong with our highest new student enrollment ever and huge jumps in our social media outreach and education efforts. To accommodate these growing numbers, we have opened a second kindergarten class and have opened a third 5th grade classroom. We have new students coming to us from other private schools, other special education schools, and many public schools. Our teachers have been very busy the last couple of weeks, preparing and getting their classrooms ready for their students to begin the school year. We are all eager to welcome them into the Aaron School community. We cherish the opportunity to provide your children with our uniquely strong academic program and our exceptionally strong social skills program.

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We would also like to thank the Parent’s Association (PA) for all of their efforts in welcoming our new families. This spring, they hosted a breakfast for new families and they created a parent buddy system where current families were matched with new families. The event was incredibly well attended and it gave our new families a chance to meet the PA and some staff members. At our Welcome Breakfast last week, it was wonderful to see the new families again and to see the buddies interact. Both current and new families commented on how helpful this new system was in terms of answering all questions, from mundane to ridiculous.

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We are appreciative for the students and their families every day at Aaron School — thank you for all that you do year after year.”


– Linda Gardner, Admissions Director