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Altruism at Aaron School: Learning to put you U before I

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Kindergarden, Lower School, Special Programs

The students and teachers of Aaron School 45th St have been making extensive efforts to highlight kindness and compassion throughout the month of February. ALTRUISM is our character quality of the month and our children have been learning about the many rewards that are associated with being kind and helping others in need. As a community, we worked to transform our Gratitude Tree into a Love Blossom Tree. It continues to bloom with flowers offering inspirational (and very kind) quotes and hearts that share all the different ways we care. In addition, we have been diligently following our Acts of Altruism Calendar and each day, we all take the time to accomplish the special kind act that is noted. Our school also participated in The Great Kindness Challenge, a nation-wide week-long initiative dedicated to creating a culture of kindness schools. We are proud to officially be a Kindness Certified School!


What our students have been learning about ALTRUISM this month:


Altruism is:

1. Unselfish concern for the well-being of others.

2. Remembering to put “U” before “I”.




Our goal is to maintain these altruistic efforts long after this month has passed and to always remember that kindness counts!