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Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Month at Aaron School

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October is Anti-Bullying Month and Aaron School is looking forward to joining the rest of the nation in the fight against bullying! We have several exciting events planned in our school.


We are committed to taking a strong stand against bullying and any other forms of emotional or physical cruelty to ensure the continuous safety and happiness of our student body. During the month of October, we strive even harder to promote a deeper understanding of this serious issue and its far-reaching effects.  As a staff, we will be working to collectively support ongoing and open dialogues between our students and their peers, teachers, and family members.  We hope to inspire all of our students towards a greater sense of community, collaboration and social responsibility.


We would like to inform you of some events taking place in our Elementary and Middle school in the month of October that we are confident will help raise awareness and spark dialogue around this very important issue:


Monday, October 20th – Town Hall Assembly:


This program, intended for our K-5 students, will define the basic aspects of bullying while also highlighting themes of respect, tolerance and the appreciation of differences.


Wednesday, October 22nd –  Unity Day:


On this day, everyone across the nation can link together and take a stand by sending one big ORANGE message of support to all students who have experienced bullying.  At Aaron School, we will ask that all children, parents and staff members wear the color orange in support of this day and the essential message of unity.  We invite you to visit Pacer’s National Bullying Pervention Center website for more information about unity day.


Additionally, in an effort to consistently demonstrate to our students that CHARACTER COUNTS, we will be highlighting an important good character attribute/behavior each month.


Here is our Character Quality of the Month list for the remainder of 2014:


September – Respect
October –     Tolerance
November – Responsibility
December – Patience


Our high school students will also participate in various anti-bullying related activities including:


Monday, October 6th: National Blue Shirt Day


We’re asking kids, teachers, and parents to join us in wearing a blue shirt to help STOMP OUT bullying around the world!




Tuesday, October 7th: Improv Workshop


We are extremely pleased to welcome Comedic Performer, Louis Pearlman, to Aaron Upper School! Louis and his team will be leading an Anti-Bullying Improv Assembly, as well as facilitating several break-out workshops afterward. Students will focus on character building while learning about one another in fun and interactive ways. Louis has worked with our 45th Street campus as part of the Story Pirates program, and we are excited to have him bring his unique talents to the Upper School.


Wednesday, October 29: Anti-Bullying Assembly


We’re thrilled to announce that Keenan West, a recording artist, motivational speaker, and anti-bullying advocate, will be visiting the school to rally our students in joining the fight against bullying! Keenan will lead an enthusiastic and engaging assembly that inspires students to stand up to bullying via music, video, and several talking points. Keenan’s nationwide tour is sponsored by the Proctor & Gamble “Mean Stinks” campaign.


We will also be distributing anti-bullying Aaron School wristbands to join in solidarity against bullying and promote respect and tolerance!