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Bring Your “A” Game: ACCEPTANCE

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Throughout the fall, Aaron School students were working hard at becoming experts in showing “appreciation,” but as the season begins to change, so does our focused character quality! In continuing with our “Bring Your A Game” theme, Aaron School students are learning about a new “A” character trait for the winter season… ACCEPTANCE! The counseling department will be introducing interactive and engaging lessons in Social Skills and Peer Group classes, giving Aaron School students the opportunity to practice kindness and consideration for all, including and accepting those around you, showing empathy towards others, and taking the time to understand others’ thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Students will also acknowledge personal strengths and learn how to accept themselves and others for who they are! Within the umbrella of “acceptance,” students will learn about related traits such as open-mindedness, positive thinking, cooperation, compromise, emotional validation, and empathy.




We also have a very special announcement! This month, the Aaron School community will be participating in the Great Kindness Challenge! From January 23rd through 27th, we will have one week of school devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible! Teachers, therapists, administrators, and other school staff will be encouraging students to spread kindness around like confetti at school, at home, and in the community. During the Great Kindness Challenge, students will be able to choose kind acts from a checklist and will then self-monitor their kindness impact! Aaron School students will begin to understand how demonstrating kindness and consideration towards others not only makes you feel good, but can make such a positive impact on friends, family, teachers, and the world around them!




During this winter season, please check out our tree display in the front hallway! Just as we did for the “appreciation” unit, the counseling department will be adding pictures, writing samples, and class projects to the ACCEPTANCE branch, as a visual representation of how our students are “Bringing Their A Game.” Through this curriculum, our intention is for every Aaron School student to build positive character traits to help them become ACCEPTING, confident, and successful citizens of their communities, both in school and out!


Warmest Wishes,

The Aaron School Counseling Department