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Bring Your A Game

Bring Your A Game

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Lower School, Middle School

The Aaron School Counseling Department is happy to share some exciting news regarding our curriculum for teaching character education this year! Our theme for the year is “Bring Your A Game”. We will be teaching students how to “Bring Their A Game” by presenting the following four “A” traits seasonally:


Fall (September-November): Appreciation

Winter (December-February): Acceptance

Spring (March-April): Awareness

Pre-Summer (May-June): Adaptability




During each season, we will be incorporating other character traits that correspond with each “A” trait. For example, this fall, students will be learning about traits like respect, responsibility, tolerance, and gratitude, all falling under the broad umbrella of “appreciation.” Through the various lessons and activities taking place in Social Skills or Peer Group classes, as well as through reinforcement in their other classes, students will learn the importance of building positive character traits in order to be the best people they can be. We want all students to be kind, caring, and compassionate citizens, not only here at Aaron School, but in the outside community as well.


Throughout the year, teachers, therapists, and other staff members will be reminding students to “Bring Their A Game,” which means to demonstrate the various qualities they have been learning about. For our first “A” trait, we will learn to appreciate ourselves AND others and show that appreciation through our words, actions, and behaviors. Students will be encouraged to use the words “appreciate,” “thankful,” “grateful,” etc. to express their acknowledgement of someone’s good deed or positive qualities.


appreciation meaning


In the front hallway of Aaron School, take a look at our “Bring Your A Game” tree display! Each branch of our tree will represent each of the four “A” traits. We will be encouraging all students to show examples of the various “A” qualities throughout the year. This fall, as the Aaron community demonstrates appreciation, we will add pictures, writing samples, and/or class projects onto the branch, as visual examples of how our students are “Bringing Their A Game!”


As always, in addition to our Character Education curriculum, Social Skills and Peer Group classes will continue to include lessons about social communication/thinking, friendships, emotions, coping skills, problem solving, and more.


We are so excited to implement this curriculum and see how it is used throughout all of Aaron School!


With much appreciation,

The Counseling Department