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Bullying Prevention

M202 Spreads Awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month

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October was National Bullying Prevention Month. To support this cause, the seventh grade students of M202 created a Bullying Prevention Brochure. Each student participated in a discussion and created a Circle Map on the various types of bullying, how the victim might feel after being bullied, and what a “bystander” can do to stop the bullying from happening. Afterwards, each student volunteered to contribute at least one piece of their own for the brochure. Students wrote fictional short stories, poems, reflection articles, and tips about bullying and how to take steps to prevent it. Additionally, some students interviewed Aaron School staff members and others created beautiful artistic images.


On Wednesday, October 17, 2018, M202 had the opportunity to join the lower school during their Bullying Awareness Town Hall meeting in the gym. Four seventh grade students were selected to stand in front of the room and read their pieces to the entire lower school. Everyone really enjoyed having Middle School students present their work during the Town Hall meeting!


M202 students wrote and shared how bullying is never okay and can be very hurtful. Bullying can happen in-person, behind someone’s back, and on the internet. Putting your hands on someone, saying unfriendly words, and spreading lies and rumors can really put the victim in the Blue, Yellow, or Red Zone and make them feel sad and alone. The students in M202 felt it was important to not only understand what bullying is, but to also learn about what can be done to stop it. By talking to an adult like a parent or teacher in school, you are taking the appropriate and effective steps of stopping the bullying from continuing. Even if you’re not the one who is being bullied, you can help the victim by being an “upstander” – someone who intervenes and speaks up or acts in support of an individual.


M202 students had a lot of fun creating their own meaningful contributions for the brochure and are excited for everyone at Aaron School to read their work! Teachers were very proud of how dedicated their students were towards this project!