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Camp Green Tree

Camp Green Tree updates

  |   Aaron School, Summer Camp

Our Camp Green Tree campers have been busy this summer. We’ve been exploring countries and flavors from all over the world and creating exciting science projects and experiences.


Over the past two weeks, Camp Green Tree has traveled to the United States, China, South Africa, and Mexico for our Passport Around the World. We learned about all different forms of transportation and even took a pretend plane and boat complete with tickets and seat assignments. Campers made their own passports and used them during their travels.


At each country, campers learned about local traditions, holidays, and animals through music and storytelling. Ema, a South African musician, played a concert and taught us some songs in Zulu and let us have a turn to play his instruments!


During our “In the Kitchen” sessions, campers have been cooking away! They have explored how food is grown, where it is sold and different ways to prepare it. We went on a field trip to Battery Park Urban Farm. The kids picked weeds from around kale plants, harvested green beans, and prepared the soil for new plants. We even saw the Statue of Liberty! We also went on a field trip to the Union Square Farmer’s Market. We met the farmers, saw a giant ostrich egg, and tasted some delicious vegetables.


These trips inspired the campers to put together their own cooking video and cookbooks. What fantastic chefs they’ve become!


Our mad scientists have been hard at work this session! They’ve been concocting and experimenting every day! Some of their projects include making optical illusions, tye-dye, and flubber! We went on a field trip to The New York Hall of Science for more hands-on science experience. The campers visited the hall of mirrors, made BIG bubbles, and played outside at the science playground.


A real mad scientist came and showed us crazy science! He taught about solids, liquids, and gas by doing dry ice demonstrations! He made it cover the whole floor! On the last day of camp, we had a science fair to show off the campers hard work. Camp was a blast this year! We can’t wait for next summer!