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Character Education: Adaptability

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Lower School, Special Programs

Welcome back Aaron School! As the new school year begins, we all need to adapt to new life circumstances (e.g. the new season, new schedules, new classrooms, new students, new commutes, even new last names). We know that all of these changes can be super exciting but might also be quite stressful, especially when we are so comfortable in our current, summer routines. Plus some of us adapt to changes more easily than others. What are some of the skills that you use to adapt to the changes in your life? How do you practice self-care during these transitional times?


This fall, the counseling department will be exploring the concept of ADAPTABILITY in 3rd-7th grade Social Skills and Peer Group classes to help ease the transition for everyone as we adjust to a new school year. We will be highlighting expected behavior, flexibility, being open to new experiences and growth vs. fixed mindset. We will also be brainstorming strategies to successfully handle the demands of a brand new school year with self-care tips.


It is important to note that although we are beginning with adaptability, we will also be emphasizing the concept of diversity throughout the entire school year. We will be highlighting our inclusive community at Aaron School where all students and staff are valued, regardless of our differences (e.g. learning styles, family dynamics, race, culture, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, etc.). Students will understand that everyone must be treated with respect and kindness so that we can work together to have a successful year. Please help us set the tone and enforce these concepts whenever possible.


As usual, each season we will introduce a new character trait, which you will see on the banner in the front lobby at the Lower/Middle School. Make sure to also check out our bulletin board in the front hallway with tips and quotes for students to encourage each highlighted character trait. If you as a teacher, therapist, administrator or parent have any helpful strategies to make the transition into the school year more easeful, feel free to drop a note in our ADAPTABILITY envelope in the front hallway!


September-October: Adaptability

November-January: Diversity

February-April: Benevolence

May-June: Calmness


Here’s to a successful start to the school year!


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