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Empowering Democracy at Aaron High School

  |   30th street, High School, Special Programs

Angela Hartnett, Head Teacher at 30th Street


In a commendable display of civic education, on November 8th, Aaron High School students (Grades 8-12) immersed themselves in the democratic process of voting for the 2023-2024 Spirit Council. This all school event showcased the enthusiasm and engagement of the student body in electing their own representatives. The Spirit Council is a group of students and staff advisors that collaborate to plan special events for the entire school.


Leading up to voting day, nominees took center stage, utilizing their creativity to craft compelling messages displayed on posters that adorned the school walls. They also prepared and delivered passionate speeches that resonated with their peers. The entire student body, connected through a video conference, had the opportunity to hear the candidates articulate their ideas and aspirations for the upcoming year. The commitment and dedication exhibited by all the nominees – whether they were running for Class Representative, Vice President or President – was remarkable.


On November 8th, students descended upon the gymnasium, transformed with individual voting booths, and physical ballots, to elect their chosen nominees. With each vote cast, the students took on the responsibility of shaping the future of their school’s Spirit Council. The significance of this experience extended beyond the act of casting votes. The students emerged with a tangible sense of civic responsibility by sealing their votes in the Spirit Council voting box and leaving with an Aaron School “I Voted” sticker as a testament to their participation. This real-life practice of the voting process not only contributes to a vibrant school community but also instills valuable lessons about democratic principles and active citizenship.