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Club Getaway

Fifth Grade Field Trip to Club Getaway

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This year at Aaron School, fifth grade students had the opportunity to go on an extended day trip to Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut! The group was extremely excited for the trip the entire year and could not wait for the day to come! On May 24, the wait was finally over! Students had a blast traveling to the outdoor retreat and spending time together as a community!


Prior to the excursion, the fifth grade joined together to implement a fundraiser for the trip. After much deliberation, the fifth grade student body decided on a fun-filled “In-School Carnival.” To begin planning for the event, to take place towards the end of April, students assisted teachers in creating flyers that would be passed out to all students informing them of the event. The majority of Aaron School students signed up for the Carnival! The fifth graders were overjoyed and excited to get planning on activities for the groups to partake in. Next, they organized themselves into different positions at the Carnival, which included “set up staff,” “clean up staff,” and “referees.”


When the day of the Carnival came, the entire Aaron School was super excited! Students played a variety of games such as bowling, scarf juggling, balancing games, and knock out. The fifth graders did a fantastic job carrying out each of their roles as well! When the day was over, students raised a total of $799 dollars for their trip! Everyone was overjoyed and incredibly proud of all the hard work they put in!


Fast forward to a few weeks later and it was finally the day of the trip! When the classes arrived at Club Getaway they were so surprised at the beautiful scenery that surrounded them. There were lakes, lush forests, and greenery in every direction. They were extremely excited to be out of the city and spending a day “in the country!” After meeting their team leader, students began their first activity; bungee-jumping. Each student was harnessed into bungee-cords and had a few minutes to bounce on a trampoline! Instructors taught the students to do back flips and front flips, and they had a wonderful time getting all of their energy out! While waiting their turns, students had a blast singing songs and playing different team building activities.


Later, students braced themselves for the next activity; zip-lining! During this activity, students faced their fears of heights to climb a staircase up to the zip line. After they were strapped in, they jumped off the ledge of a platform and zip lined through Club Getaway! Each student had so much fun not only participating in this activity, but cheering their friends on! Following zip lining, students had the chance to climb a giant rock-climbing wall! They had so much fun climbing different parts of the wall and trying their hardest to reach the top!


Throughout the duration of the trip, students had a wonderful time experiencing new and exciting activities together. They conquered their fears, accomplished new goals, and became more confident in themselves. Through this experience, students interacted with their peers in new ways, creating a deeper bond amongst friends. They also created life-long memories and agreed this was a day they will never forget!