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Girls Day

Go Girl! A Day for Me to be Free!

  |   30th street, Aaron School, Art, High School, Middle School, News, Special Programs

On Friday, February 1, girls from Aaron upper, middle, and high school, grades 5 through 12, came together to enjoy a day that was dedicated solely to them. Teachers and counselors wanted to create this day to acknowledge, honor, connect, and rejoice with the females at Aaron School and all over the world! As the girls entered the Assembly Room at 45th Street, they were each given a T-shirt and handout, which highlighted the women focused on that day – Michelle Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beyoncé, Malala Yousafzai, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Teachers and staff began sharing their vision for the day, explaining to the girls that this was their day and all adults were there to celebrate and empower them. They watched a presentation on the above mentioned women and then participated in a healthy food demo by amazing chef, Karen Cherfils, of BeautiFULLY Fed, A Food & Fashion Centered Wellness Program.

After a healthy lunch of vegetables, hummus, salad, and pasta, the girls listened as teachers shared inspiring quotes by females, selected by the staff at Aaron School. Girls then formed a circle and began practicing yoga, led by counselor Kelly Walcott. They balanced in different poses and shared positive affirmations. Soon after, they began a dance party! A “runway” was formed and girls were encouraged to walk or dance down the runway as they pleased! Led by teachers and counselors, girls then formed a circle. They shared their thoughts about the day and ended with a positive vibration squeeze. Overall, it was a wonderful day for all of those involved and female staff are excited to participate and plan for the next Girl’s Day!