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High School Arts at Aaron School

  |   30th street, Aaron School, Art, High School

Visual Arts

Our new Head Teacher of Visual Arts, Ryan McCarthy, has brought back strong drawing foundations and a return to ceramics in the high school studio program this year. Upperclassmen have been working on observational charcoal drawings and are learning to how to apply and render form, volume, lighting, and value. Students new to the high school program are learning about line and form.


The ceramics program includes hand-building and wheel throwing. All Aaron high school students are learning about pinch pots, coils pots, slab work, and small scale sculpting and hand-building techniques and are working with low-fire white and red clays. Students are also getting opportunities to throw clay on the wheel and are making some impressive pots and vases. Glazing is also an important part of the program and students make decisions and predictions about what various glazes will look like on different types of clays.


The art studio is an important part of the Aaron high school program in that there are different expectations and responsibilities in the studio that vary from the typical classroom setting. The art studio offers students opportunities to practice flexibility and engage in collaborative work as well as apply critical thinking in a concrete capacity.

Culinary Arts and the Rooftop Garden

Students at the high school enjoy a weekly venture into the kitchen and up to the garden. In the Culinary Arts program, students learn about safety and hygiene in the kitchen, various cooking and baking techniques, recipe reading and research, healthy food substitutions, plating and presentation, and the kitchen to garden connection. Up on the roof in our garden, students grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They grow and harvest the produce to be used in various dishes and then take the green waste back to the roof to be placed in the composter. Culinary Arts at Aaron School is a great lab for the intersection of art, math, science, and language arts.