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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, there’s a LEADER in us all!

Hello Aaron School! The 45th Street counseling department is so excited to begin another year and start a new character education curriculum! This year’s character education theme is L.E.A.D.! In 3rd through 7th grade Social Skills and Peer Group classes, students will learn about Leadership, Empathy, Awareness, and Diversity! Unlike past years where just one trait was taught per season, this year, students will be learning about all four traits continuously throughout the year. 


LEADERSHIP – Part of being a leader means being responsible and respectful to others. Students will learn how they can be classroom leaders by showing expected behavior, being a kind friend, helping others in need, and being a role model!


EMPATHY – Students will learn how to “put themselves in someone else’s shoes,” by being mindful of other people’s feelings, thoughts, and perspectives! Teachers and counselors will teach students the power of showing kindness to everyone and how our kind acts can have a ripple effect in our communities! Students will also learn how to respond to friends who might not be in the “green zone” as well as other social problem-solving techniques.


AWARENESS – Along with the ZONES curriculum, students will learn mindful techniques and strategies to help them become more aware of their own thoughts and emotions! They will also learn how to focus on the present moment and limit worries that might live in the past or future. This will help us to internalize and use calming strategies more effectively!


DIVERSITY – The counseling department will be teaching students about the inclusive community at Aaron School where all students and staff are valued, regardless of any differences (e.g. race, learning styles, family dynamics, culture, preferences, strengths and weaknesses, etc.). Students will understand that everyone must be treated with respect and kindness so that we can work together to have a successful year.

Make sure to check out the bulletin board in the front hallway with positive affirmations to encourage students to be the best LEADERS they can be!