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invention convention

Middle School Invention Convention

  |   Aaron School, Middle School

Every great inventor in history started out as a student, just like ours! Throughout February and March, students at Aaron Middle School worked hard on their projects for the Invention Convention. On Monday, March 12, teachers, students, and parents had the opportunity to see the finished products.


The students were asked to create their own unique project from start to finish. The planning process began with brainstorming various problems that impact their day-to-day lives. Next, students were challenged to come up with solutions to one problem and choose one to elaborate and expand upon. The next step was to design an invention that would fit their chosen solution and solve the problem. Over several weeks, the students worked hard in school with their Science teachers, and even harder at home, to plan their projects and create a genius invention! Students even created prototypes of their invention ideas and tested them to make sure that they worked.


The final step was to create a presentation, displaying the final product to show to their friends, teachers, and family members at the Invention Convention! Parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed hearing about each invention. Some students even let the visitors try out their inventions for themselves – such as the homemade “Healthy Gummy Bears,” and the “Safe Snow!” “The Keep it Real Closet” would make getting ready in the morning much easier. “The Homeless Food Service,” which travels around collecting leftover food and serving it to homeless people, would make this city a better place and change many lives! Some students invented new apps for the iPhone, such as the “Food Scanner” to determine healthy choices and detect allergies, or the “Parents’ Eyes” app, which would allow parents to control when their child’s cell phone turns off! Overall, it was a huge success! The staff at Aaron Middle School is extremely proud of every student who worked so hard and participated in this fantastic day. Students were rewarded with a certificate for their hard work and dedication to their projects! Keep an eye out in stores for some of these creations – these students have a bright future ahead of them!