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Parents as Leaders: Supporting Your Child with a Learning Disability

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On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 Aaron School is excited to host “Parents as Leaders: Supporting Your Child with a Learning Disability” – A workshop with special guest speaker Sheri Klugmann from Ramapo Training Program.


The workshop will be presented between 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM  in the main conference room at our Elementary & Middle School Campus on 45th Street. This event is open to all Aaron School parents K-12.


All interested in attending must RSVP ahead of time via email at tmurray@aaronschool.org.


This workshop will provide parents and caregivers of children with learning differences, with specific skills and ideas for supporting the successes of the child at home and at school. We will discuss techniques of communicating with children who learn differently by using visuals, non-verbal cues, and simple, step-by-step instructions.  In addition, strategies for reducing and preventing difficult behaviors and minimizing family stress will be shared.


The workshop will discuss concepts as they relate to :


  • Connecting and Caring: Building positive self-image by using the child’s existing abilities and interests, reinforcing positive behaviours purposefully, practicing active listening, scheduling “face-time” and promoting mutual feedback opportunities.


  • Communicating Expectations: Using non-verbal communication and visual aids, breaking down difficult tasks into step by step instructions, checking for understanding, creating specific procedures and routines and modeling appropriate behavior.


  • Collaborating with the School: Creating strong connections between school support staff and parents, sharing parental instincts and experience, including the children in the team process and more.


Challenging behaviors are the language through which children communicate when the demands of their environment are misaligned with their emotional, social or adaptive capacities. Parents have the ability to manage challenging behaviors by developing the practical skills they need to provide supportive, inclusive environments that inspire success.


Visit Ramapo for Children online for more information.


Aaron School parents interested in attending this exciting workshop must RSVP ahead of time via email at tmurray@aaronschool.org.