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The Amazing Life Cycle of a Butterfly

  |   Aaron School, Lower School, Special Programs

Megan Marshall, Olive Room Head Teacher


Over the past few weeks the Olive room students have had special guests in their classroom…CATERPILLARS! Over the past few weeks we have watched these tiny, furry, crawling caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies! After studying life cycles in science class, the students in the Olive room were very excited to see the life cycle process happen in real life, right before their eyes, in their very own classroom.


Every day we walked into the classroom we noticed changes and watched each life cycle stage of the caterpillars. All students had the responsibility to check on the caterpillars each day. They loved checking on their little friends daily!


Once the caterpillars reached their full size, students moved them into their habitat where they formed chrysalis and hung upside down for 8 days. Every morning we checked to see if they were shedding and turning into butterflies. After another week, we had 4 butterflies! Finally, we were able to release them outside and watch them fly around the garden outside the Aaron School. The Olive room really enjoyed watching the life cycle of caterpillars turning into butterflies!