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Valentine’s Day in the Olive Room

  |   Aaron School, Art, Lower School, Special Programs

Hi Aaron School blog readers! The Olive Room at 45th Street celebrated Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th, wearing Valentine’s Day crowns and having a special treat! Friends in the Olive Room had such friendly conversations using “rainbow words” and giving each other compliments. We also made a circle map about all of the things we love about the Olive Room and the Aaron School.


Students in the Olive Room have been working hard on their writing skills. Students completed a writing activity where they listed 4 different things they love. After, students in the Olive Room made a fun craft for their parents. This craft included cutting, pasting, and coloring. All students worked really hard and used their creativity! Students are very excited to give their crafts to their family members!


In Social Skills class, the Olive Room has been learning all about using “rainbow words,” which are friendly words. This was perfect timing with Valentine’s Day because friends in the Olive Room were reminded to always use “rainbow words” because these words make each other feel loved. For example, students used phrases such as “You are doing a great job!” and “Your drawing is very nice!” Our class had such a fun time celebrating Valentine’s Day together and enjoyed their delicious cupcakes!


Megan Marshall, Olive Room Head Teacher