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State Fair

Willow Room State Fair

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The Willow Room has been learning all about different types of communities. They started off by learning what a community is followed by the different communities that they live and work in such as New York City and Aaron School. As the group finished up the community unit they talked about how the United States is made up of 50 states and each one is like a community. The third graders knew that they live in the state of New York and discussed the many attributes that make our state special. As a class they also discussed how each state is different from one another. They thought it would be a fun idea to learn more details about different states! Each student got to pick five states that they would be interested in doing a project on and then assigned one specific state.


The class was then given detailed instructions and one month to complete the project at home. First they were asked to research different facts about their state such as: state song, places of interest, population, and an interesting fact, in addition to gathering pictures. They used the website Kids National Geographic U.S. States to help find most of their information. Once all of their information was collected, the students got to work on their lap book, a manila envelope that was folded over. The class put together all of their pieces, making sure to add lots of color to make their final product more interesting.


The Willow Room went above and beyond what was asked of them! The entire class was so proud of themselves and each other that they wanted to show off their hard work to friends and teachers outside of the classroom. They wrote a special invitation welcoming everyone to come to a Willow Room State Fair! During their social studies period, the class sat with their projects as students and teachers from all grades walked around the room. They were asked questions about their individual states and each student was able to answer them and show where the information was on their lap book. The Willow class had a blast completing and sharing their state projects and learned so many fun facts about their state and their friends’!

State Fair