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Aaron 30th Street visit

Seventh Grade Visits Aaron 30th Street

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On Wednesday, November 6, Aaron School seventh grade classes, M202 and M206, took a field trip to the Aaron School 30th Street campus! While the Aaron School 45th Street campus contains kindergarten through 7th grade classes, the 8th through 12th grades are housed at 30th Street. These seventh graders got a sneak peek of what’s in store for them next year as 8th graders! Everyone was buzzing with energy on Wednesday morning, as they hopped onto the bus and rode south to the upper school.


Upon arrival, seventh graders were greeted in the main lobby by teachers and current 30th Street students. Students were amazed to find a rock-climbing wall right in the front lobby! After learning about the plan for the day, they set off on a tour of the school, led by the older students themselves! Seventh graders were impressed by all four floors of the upper school. They saw the Culinary Lab, where they learned that students and teachers will soon be busy preparing food for a Thanksgiving feast. They were able to peek into Math, Science, Spanish, and English classrooms, and check out the school gymnasium as well. Another highlight was seeing the Aaron School “livebrary,” where students can independently check out and return reading materials.


After the tour, students settled in for a question and answer session, in which they asked current eighth grade students and seniors all of their questions about the high school! They learned that there are some fun special privileges for students at the 30th Street campus, such as going out to lunch at local restaurants, participating in school dances, and fun field trips. Students were especially enthusiastic about the special club program, in which students choose a club to participate in every other Friday. Some of the clubs they learned about were Yearbook, Basketball, Art, Culinary, Acting, and more! Many students were glad to learn that they will continue with lots of their favorite subjects next year, such as Gym, Art, English, Math, and Science.


Next up, seventh graders visited the Art Room, where they completed an art project with some of the 30th Street teachers and eighth grade students. Using markers and colored pencils, students made locker magnets featuring Aaron School’s mascot, the falcon! Students showed great school spirit as they each put their own creative spin on the Aaron School mascot. It was clear that the seventh grade is looking forward to the responsibility and independence that comes with getting older.


After a busy morning, seventh grade students said goodbye to the staff and students at 30th Street and took the bus back to their own classrooms at Aaron 45th Street. They finished off the great experience by having a pizza party and talking about their visit with friends. Students then headed off to class, with excitement on their faces as they thought about the possibilities that lie ahead!