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Candy Grams

Aaron School 30th Street Candy Grams

  |   30th street, Aaron School, High School, Special Programs

The Aaron School Student Council did a wonderful job this year planning and organizing the ordering of Candy Grams for 30th Street students and faculty in an effort to help raise money for the upcoming Senior class trip to Rocking Horse Ranch. Looking back at last year’s Candy Gram forms, Student Council members worked together to create new order forms and flyers to display around the school. The Student Council class representatives then visited Advance groups to distribute order forms and explain the ordering process. The Student Council also invited families to participate by ordering Candy Grams for their children or Aaron School faculty and staff.

Candy Gram

During the month of January, periodic announcements were made by Student Council members regarding Candy Grams over the school paging system. During midterm week, Student Council members set up a table in the lunch room to take orders for Candy Grams. Once all of the orders for Candy Grams came in, the Student Council met to discuss the items that would be included in the Candy Grams. They decided upon Valentine’s Day themed candy, including lollipops and Hersey kisses, and began to compile each Candy Gram. This year Student Council members were prepared to bag and wrap the candy grams. Last year the student council was caught off guard with the large amount of orders! This time around they had a system in place, which made bagging and sorting a breeze and finished in one meeting!

Candy Gram

On Thursday, February 14, Student Council members visited Advance groups to distribute Candy Grams to Aaron School students and faculty. The selling of the Candy Grams was another huge success for the Student Council, receiving nearly 200 orders for Candy Grams. They were enjoyed by Aaron School students and faculty. The Student Council and Senior class are thankful to the Aaron School community for helping reduce the cost for the Senior class trip to Rocking Horse Ranch and taking part in such a wonderful event!