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Aaron School Against Bullying!

Aaron School Against Bullying!

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On Thursday, October 12, the students of Aaron Middle School took a walking field trip to the Aaron High School on 30th Street. These two groups came together to partake in an anti-bullying assembly. Youth inspirational speaker, David Flood, greeted and engaged the group of Middle and High School students using anecdotes about his life, family, and personal experiences. David’s goal was to share three important lessons that he hoped for students to take away with them.


Lesson 1: Look on the INSIDE! The students took turns making observations about a friend next to them. They asked, “What do you see when you look at me?” David challenged each student to look at others and see what is on the inside, seeing others as the person they are in their hearts. Someone who looks on the inside sees traits such as kindness, compassion, respect, and love in others.


Lesson 2: Say THANK YOU to teachers and other adults while making eye contact. Showing appreciation to another person is a great way to make both yourself and that person feel good. Students learned that it is important to be grateful for the people that support us throughout each day and to express that gratitude to others. Whether it is a teacher, a parent, a bus driver, a nurse, all of these people and more help students to succeed!


Lesson 3: NOBODY eats alone! The students of Aaron Middle and High School pledged from this day forward to never let another student sit alone at lunch. David encouraged the students to sit with new friends or invite others to sit at the lunch table, because no one should eat alone.


The students of Aaron Middle School and High School really connected with David’s stories and individual experiences, especially the thoughts about his two children, who are similar in age to Aaron students. Teachers were able to witness the thoughtful remarks and relatable reflections made by students both during and after the assembly. David challenged the students at Aaron Middle and High School to live out these three lessons and to respond with kindness. Our students are definitely up to the challenge!


To learn more, please visit David Flood’s website at davidjflood.com.

David Flood