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Winter Concert

Aaron School Winter Concert

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It’s that time of year again… Winter Concert time that is! Each year, Aaron School puts on two concerts, one in the winter and one in the spring. The Winter Concert is a special opportunity for students to showcase all of their hard work in music class and for the entire Aaron community to come together and celebrate the holiday season!


The theme of our concert this winter is “Take the Aaron School Train.” Our gym is going to be transformed into a magical Aaron School subway car that students will travel all over New York City in! We hope that the audience can turn their imaginations on and travel with us as we visit places like Coney Island, Times Square, and Central Park. Each class gets off the train at their very own “subway stop!” All classes have been practicing their concert song since October. The concert repertoire pulls from a variety of genres, written by musical artists of varied cultural backgrounds. It calls for students to sing, rap, move, and play lots of instruments!


Preparing for such a production gives students something to work towards in music class. It reinforces the idea that a little bit of focused work each week can turn into a final product that we can all be very proud of! The preparation process has been collaborative, with students offering ideas and writing their own song lyrics! The creativity and self-expression has been a joy to watch come alive as students have truly taken ownership of the process.


Perhaps more than anything else, preparing for the concert teaches students the value of teamwork. To have a successful concert experience, we all need to cooperate with each other. This goes for students and for staff! Students have to take responsibility for learning their concert songs and spoken lines while showing patience and kindness as their classmates are practicing in class. Music teachers collaborate with art teachers to help make our stage come alive, and with the administration to ensure a sharp looking and seamless concert day!


The Aaron School train leaves the station just in time for winter break. We look forward to seeing you there! Stand clear of the closing doors, please!