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Seventh Grade Students Tour 30th Street

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On Monday, December 3, both of the seventh grade classes from Aaron School 45th Street went on a field trip to tour Aaron High School on 30th Street. When they arrived, they were greeted by the Aaron School Student Council President and the Senior Class Representative. While one seventh grade class took a tour of the building, the other class worked on a fun project in the art room.


While on the tour, the seventh grade students were amazed at how big and spacious the high school building was. They had the chance to peak into several rooms including a Spanish language class, a Math class, the Culinary Lab, the Gymnasium, and therapists’ and administrators’ offices. One seventh grader exclaimed, “Wow! I love how many bookcases there are throughout the building!” Both Student Council members did a wonderful job explaining the daily life at 30th Street and answered so many great questions while leading the tour. When the tour concluded, the students gathered in the Culinary Lab to participate in a Q&A. The seventh grade students asked thoughtful questions such as, “Can you tell us more about your Out to Lunch program?”, “What clubs are available to students?”, and “What is the homework like here?”


Meanwhile, in the art room, the other seventh grade class had a fun time creating magnets of Aaron School’s mascot, the falcon, to put on their lockers when they returned to 45th Street. They colored in their falcons, while chatting with eighth grade students and picking their brains about the day-to-day workings of 30th Street. Afterwards, they glued it onto construction paper, and attached a magnet to the back.


After the activities, the seventh and eighth graders came together in the Gym to enjoy a pizza lunch together and socialize! It’s not every day that students from Aaron School 45th Street get to mingle with students from Aaron School 30th Street. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces!


When the seventh grade students arrived back to 45th Street, they wrote “Thank You” letters to the staff and students of 30th Street for being so welcoming and informative. Both seventh grade classes are excited for what the future may bring!