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The Water Cycle

  |   Aaron School, Lower School, Special Programs

Tara Zaro, Pine Room Head Teacher


Hello fellow blog readers! 


It’s your favorite class here to report on our most recent science unit. Over the past few weeks, we have been learning all about The Water Cycle. First, we learned that the sun begins the cycle. Then, we learned that the sun heats up bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. Next, all of that water vapor (evaporation) that is created travels high up into the sky. Then, the water vapor condenses (condensation) and forms a cloud. The cloud then becomes too heavy to hold all of the water, which then causes rain (precipitation). Finally, the cycle starts all over again. Pretty cool huh?! 


As a wrap up, we had the opportunity to watch educational videos, read books, and look at visuals to help us gain a complete understanding of the water cycle. Last but not least, we got to participate in our first hands on science experiment! Lucky us! For this experiment, Ms. Zaro used shaving cream to represent clouds, water, and food dye to represent the rain. By completing this experiment, it helped us visualize the cycle and get a better understanding of the whole process. This lesson on the water cycle was a great foundation into this new unit. Next, we will dive a bit deeper and begin our weathering and erosion unit. We are so excited to continue to learn and explore as scientists in the pine room!