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Who am? How do I see myself?

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Throughout the first week of school, the artists of Aaron School 45th street asked themselves “Who am I? How do I see myself?” Then, they used mixed media to create self-portraits. Some artists chose a realistic approach, others dived into their imagination to create abstract pieces. Everyone’s self-portrait was unique and representative of how they saw themselves in the moment. The artists had a choice of materials such as sequins, yarn, and colorful paper- along with classic markers, crayons, and colored pencils. No mirrors were used during the creation process, as the artists constructed these pieces using only their mind’s eye.


While the artists worked, they had conversations with each other. They discussed the importance of not comparing yourself to others- we all are unique in our own ways. They also discussed the idea that art is about how you feel when you make it- and not how it turns out. Flexibility is more important than perfectionism and the process is more fun than the product. We are all looking forward to seeing what else these artists create and discover throughout the school year! The finished artworks will be on display this Autumn in the front hallway/art gallery of Aaron School 45th street.