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30th Street Afterschool Clubs

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Aaron School 30th Street afterschool clubs have begun! This semester, students are participating in a Soccer Club run by Mr. Scotto, a Gardening Club run by Ms. Kyrk, and a Road Runners Club run by Ms. Farris.


Soccer Club is a combination of competitive games and skill building exercises. The students participate in endurance building training and team drills to increase their communication when moving the ball. Mr. Scotto has set up a positive playing environment that teaches the benefits of competitiveness while working together as a team. Working together as a team is where the true focus lies in this afterschool club.

Gardening Club utilizes the rooftop garden that has been developed by Aaron School for several years. The garden is filled with herbs, vegetables, and a thriving strawberry patch, and is accompanied by a view of the Empire State Building. Ms. Kyrk teaches the students the importance of knowing how food is grown and the work that goes into managing a healthy garden. The students will also have the opportunity to meet a farmer from Long Island who runs Deep Roots Farm and learn about the day to day life of an organic farmer. Through introductory lessons on seedlings and soil, to more complex techniques such as trimming and transferring plants, the students are able to develop an understanding of how a garden works and the enjoyment of managing a garden.

Ms. Farris is a competitive runner herself, and has participated in many races, including recently running in the Boston Marathon! Ms. Farris has partnered Aaron School with New York City Road Runners and follows a structured curriculum to enable her students to enjoy running. Through various training exercises such as running drills, running form exercises, and most importantly, stretching, the students are developing an awareness of proper running and physical fitness techniques. Additionally, through participation in this program, the students will be able to participate in some of the Road Runners sponsored weekend races and proudly represent Aaron School!

Overall, afterschool clubs at 30th Street are off to a great start, and we look forward to the students’ continued growth and participation!