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45th Street Renovation Project

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Lower School, Middle School

As our elementary and middle school students return to school this week, We are thrilled to welcome them back to our newly renovated campus. During summer break we were hard at work on various renovation and improvement projects throughout the school. We replaced the flooring throughout common areas of the entire school. On the 1st floor we had a dark blue vinyl tile which was replaced with a beach wood vinyl wood plank and our mezzanine and 3rd floor dark green carpeting was replaced with a beautiful modern blue pattern carpet tile.


All walls, which were previously painted white with dark green accents, were repainted in white with pastel blue, green and yellow tones to brighten the space throughout. We also had custom graphic window film installed on the front windows to give the school more of a street presence.


Along the main corridor we installed bump-outs along the curvy wall – each highlighted in one of the accent colors that is used throughout the rest of the building. We also installed LED lights along the top and bottom of these bump-outs which can be lit in custom colors or designs, and so much more. We are excited to welcome back our students and wish everyone a productive and inspiring new school year.