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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts at Aaron School

  |   30th street, Aaron School, Electives, High School, Special Programs

Culinary Arts is an exciting and popular program offering at Aaron School. Students not only learn how to cook and bake but they also develop an awareness of working collaboratively as well as increasing their independence in the kitchen. Some of the topics that are explored are learning about kitchen hygiene and skills building, nutrition and the garden to kitchen connection. Aaron School students have the opportunity to grow herbs and other produce on our rooftop garden as well as learn about composting and the science that supports that practice.


Visual Arts at Aaron School 30th Street is a rich and vibrant program. Students are supported in developing and building upon skills and techniques and are also encouraged to explore new and unfamiliar mediums. Areas of discipline currently offered are painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, photography, video and mixed media. Each year the Visual Arts program has an overarching theme to guide students to question their art making practice. One example is the theme for 2015-2016, Identity and Ingenuity. Another important component of studying the arts at Aaron is rooted in a format of studying contemporary artists as a basis for inquiry. When creating an environment for students to generate and respond to


Another important component of studying the arts at Aaron is the study of contemporary artists as a basis for inquiry. Students generate and respond to questions and are encouraged to think critically, collaborate, communicate and embrace their creativity.