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Physical Education

Physical Education at Aaron School

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, Lower School

At the entrance to the gymnasium at Aaron 45th Street, you may notice the “Aaron in Motion” bulletin. All teachers, students, and families are encouraged to send in a picture sharing the creative ways they stay active outside of school. The goal is to promote physical activity during free time, and raise awareness about the fun ways to exercise. A few of the participants have submitted pictures of rock climbing, yoga, scuba diving, martial arts, swimming, bike riding, ice skating, and relay races! This is a great way for the students to converse with one another about their weekends, vacations, and interests.

Gym Door

Now let’s take a look inside the gymnasium!


This year in Physical Education, the Lower School is focusing on traveling with a safe body while maintaining appropriate personal space. The students have played a variety of listening games that encourage following directions and executing a variety of locomotor movements. We have also started a parachute unit to introduce speeds, levels, and cooperation. In the near future, a tag unit will be introduced to improve our ability to chase, dodge, and flee. Throughout the year we hope to develop/improve hand-eye coordination and foot-eye coordination by dribbling, volleying, passing, shooting, overhand throwing, underhand throwing, striking, and rolling.

Gym Bulletin

The Upper School is currently in the cooperative games unit focusing on teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication between peers to prepare students for the upcoming sports units and activities (e.g. soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, blacktop games). Following cooperative games, the students will be assessed on their flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, and muscular strength/endurance during the physical fitness test. We also include a “Minute to Win It” unit that provides the opportunity to demonstrate our fine motor skills, gross motor skills, balance, and patience as if we were on the game show!


Come check out our “Aaron in Motion” bulletin and participate in creative physical activity!

Aaron in Motion