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7th Grade Visit

Seventh Grade Visit to 30th Street

  |   30th street, Aaron School, Elementary School, Middle School, Special Programs

On Tuesday, December 5, 2017, Aaron School 30th Street hosted a visit for the M206 seventh grade students of Aaron School 45th Street. During their visit, the seventh graders split into two smaller groups. The first group took a tour of the building, which was led by two members of the Aaron School Student Council, the Vice President and the eleventh grade Class Representative. M206 was able to peak into Math and Science classrooms, the Culinary Lab, the Gymnasium, counselors’ offices, and more. They visited each floor, asking questions along the way, and were in awe by the size and layout of the building! At the end of the tour, the students gathered in the Culinary Lab to participate in a Q&A with the Student Council President, where they asked questions about daily life at 30th Street including clubs, after school programs, special events, lunch, folders and materials, specials, field trips and overnight trips, and of course, homework!


While one group was touring the building, the other group participated in a fun activity with several eighth grade representatives. The students worked together to decorate locker magnets of the school mascot, the Aaron School Falcon, and talked about the transition to eighth grade and the new campus. After these activities the two groups swapped places. The visit ended with a pizza lunch for the seventh and eighth grade students, where old friends were able to catch up and reconnect, and new friends were able to meet and get acquainted! During lunch, they also got had an exciting guest appearance from the Aaron School Falcon! Overall, the seventh grade students had a great time visiting 30th Street. They wrote “Thank You” notes to the staff and students of 30th Street for their time and generosity, and the students at 30th Street can’t wait to see everyone at school next year!