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Professional Development

The Importance Of Professional Development

  |   Aaron School, Elementary School, High School, Lower School, Middle School

“As a former classroom teacher, I truly benefited from professional development opportunities, because what I learned enabled me to really meet the needs of my students. I continue to believe that professional development is critical for all teachers, in order to provide them with the necessary tools and skills to do their jobs, honing in on their individual students’ unique needs and learning styles. Over the past 2 years, The Aaron School has focused heavily on professional development in the areas of reading and writing.


multisensory math


We continue to emphasize the importance of these areas, however this year, we implemented a formal 3-day professional development, focusing on multisensory math, led by Marilyn Zecher with The Multisensory Training Institute. This program provided teachers with the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic techniques necessary to meet the diverse learning needs of children who struggle with mathematics. It was delightful to witness the enthusiasm teachers demonstrated as they participated in and experienced the hands-on, informative training.


multisensory math


I look forward to seeing this program put into practice as teachers apply multiple representations, simultaneous processing, differentiation, manipulatives, and visual tools to broaden and match the minds of our unique learners.”


-Roberta Palumbo